Winter Sale!

$195 for first coat ($80 off), $165 each additional coat ($110 off)! Price includes shipping & embroidery!

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You’re extraordinary! Shouldn’t your lab coat be?

Stylish Lab Coats for Women, Designed by a Woman

Why should a woman of today wear a lab coat that was designed for men over a hundred years ago? That’s what founder Dr. Leslie Latterman wondered before she designed a lab coat exclusively for women physicians.

After years of research, we’ve made a stylish lab coat that reflects the needs of women doctors who practice just like you. We’ve traded dingy, baggy material for a chic, tailored silhouette made of anti-wrinkle fabric that moves with you, not against you. Our custom lab coats offer exclusive features for your stethoscope, beeper, cell phone, and personal items so you don’t have to worry about losing your equipment or bringing a purse into the hospital.

We know that our Designer Lab Coat will help you achieve the highest level of performance, with the style and sophistication that you deserve!