Custom Lab Coat Features

You won’t find details like ours on any other lab coat! Our signature updates were designed to fit the lives of the modern woman physician. A tailored silhouette makes you look stylish. Roomy pockets help you stay organized. Our luxurious one-way stretch fabric moves with you, not against you.

Explore all of our exclusive, extraordinary features by clicking on the icons below.

  • Our extraordinary fabric

    You’ll love our lab coat fabric! It’s soft and stretches to move with you, not against you. It’s also treated to be stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, and anti-bacterial.

  • Secure your stethoscope with our optional shoulder epaulettes

    Our epaulettes are fashionable and functional. The unique Velcro closure allows you to secure your stethoscope to the coat, distributing the weight on your shoulder instead of your neck. It also prevents the stethoscope from falling on the dirty floor.

  • Large zippered side pockets

    We’ve replaced those annoying slits on the sides of a man’s lab coat with large, zippered pockets. Now you can keep your personal items (wallet, keys, hygiene items) securely stored in your lab coat.

  • Our signature wallet

    Don’t carry a purse or bulky wallet through the hospital. Our signature wallet is a great place to keep cash and a credit card, and you don’t have to worry about losing it because it’s connected by a lightweight chain to your lab coat’s pocket.

  • A hint of color under the collar

    Customize your lab coat with a hint of color. Try our signature pink or classic tan. Better yet, why not both?

  • Roll-up sleeves

    Our lab coat’s sleeves are designed to roll up easily and look fashion forward.

  • Ring clip/key ring

    Do you take off your rings when you wear sterile gloves? We’ve included a stylish clip inside the zippered pocket to keep them safe, secure, and accessible. The clip can also be used to hold your keys. We’ve even included a matching key ring.

  • Beeper tab

    Clip your beeper on the fabric loop we’ve placed over the right pocket. This keeps the beeper easily accessible without interfering with access to your lab coat’s pockets.

  • Pen pocket

    Do you ever have to search for a pen that has fallen down inside your lab coat’s pocket? Our top pocket has a separate pen pocket to keep your pen where it can be found easily and quickly.

  • Organize your medical instruments

    You won’t have to fumble through your lab coat’s pockets to find your scissors or reflex hammer. We’ve included fabric loops in the bottom pocket to keep your medical instruments standing up and organized.

  • Eyeglass pocket

    We added a special compartment inside the chest pocket that keeps your eyeglasses from getting scratched.

  • Cell phone pocket

    Inside your lab coat’s pocket, you’ll find a place to securely hold your cell phone and keep it within easy reach.

  • Name badge tab

    Our lab coats come equipped with a better place to attach your name badge.

  • Logo buttons

    Our exclusive logo is engraved on the buttons for that designer look.

  • Tablet pocket

    Our bottom pockets are large enough to hold a mini tablet.